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Beard Transplantation

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Beard Transplantation with the FUE-DHI Method

  With the development of the FUE method, hair transplantation operations made to special areas have become quite popular. One of them is beard transplantation. Beard transplantation is done by injecting the hair follicles into the skin with special DHI pens in the desired direction without any cutting. Since we can inject the follicles in the desired direction, a natural beard look may be provided. The DHI beard transplantation method and fine tips are used to avoid scars.  

Who Should Beard Transplantation Applied On?

   The problem of being beardless can be as the absence of total beard, which we call beardlessness, or as the beard sparsity. In this case, grafts taken from the region between the two ears with FUE method are transplanted to the beard region by the DHI Beard Transplantation Method.

  In the case of partial beardlessness due to causes such as trauma, burn, traffic accident, beard is taken from bearded regions and transplanted to these areas.
The most important criterion in beard transplantation operation is to give the correct angles. The angles of the beards on the upper jaw, jaw and lower jaw are very different. If it is done according to these angles, natural appearance can be created easily.

Prices of Beard Transplantation?

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