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Mustache Transplantation

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Mustache Transplantation with the FUE-DHI Method

   With the development of the FUE method, hair transplantation operations made to special areas have become quite popular. One of them is mustache transplantation. Mustache transplantation is performed by injecting the hair follicles into the skin with special DHI pens in the desired direction without any cutting. Since we can inject the follicles in the desired direction, a natural mustache look may be provided. The DHI mustache transplantation method and fine tips are used to avoid scars.    

Who should Mustache Transplantation Applied on?

   Hairlessness, burn scar, accident and surgery scar occur in small localized areas due to traumatic events. Mustache Transplantation operation is generally made from beard hairs. Mustache can be shaved, shaped or even grown at any time after mustache transplantation.

Prices of Mustache Transplantation?

   For detailed information about mustache transplantation and prices of mustache transplantation, you can call us for analysis or information, send your photos via WhatsApp or contact us via our contact us page.

What is the FUE Technique?

   The technique of harvesting follicles by entering into the scalp in a way that the follicle is located in the center and is not damaged in any way via rotating hollow tips of 0.6-0.8 mm attached to a special motor without using surgical blades is called a motorized FUE. Since the tips of the motor are very thin, bleeding will not occur at the site where the hair follicle is taken from, no stitching is required. Follicles are harvested from the nape of neck where the hair follicles have non-hair shedding characteristic by entering under the skin and extracting them with motor. The extracted follicles are collected from the nape by special forceps. The follicles collected from the nape, or other parts of the body, are separated either singly or in pairs. In a session, an average of 6,000 strands, i.e. 3,000 to 4,000 grafts are extracted. This number means that a moderate hair loss can be covered in a session. If necessary, the operation continues the next day and more hair is transplanted. Hair follicles are collected in special lotions and when this process is finished, a new hairline is drawn, or the area that will be transplanted, is determined. All described operations are performed painlessly with local anesthesia. Channels are opened to the regions that will transplanted with Mega Hairtrans's special tips, Sapphire Blade Precious Glass Tips (Antiallergic), and scars called thin slits are opened around the channels to transplantation more hair.

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