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Free Hair Analysis

When you apply to Mega Hairtrans, your pictures will be examined and you will be informed of the appropriate number of grafts according to your hair analysis results and of the pricing. Different pricing is done for each patient.

Airport Transfer

Our patients coming from abroad are taken at the airport by private VIP vehicles and transferred from the airport to the hotel where they will stay. Transfers to the hospital and the airport after the hair transplantation is also done perfectly.


We host our patients who applied to us for hair transplantation at the elite hotels in the central locations of Istanbul. We can also arrange a small city tour in the spare time for our patients who wish.

Care After Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation, we give the patient a special care training, and detailed information about shampoos and lotions to be used. Our patients can reach us anytime they wish and easily get information after the transplantation.

Our Hospital & Doctor

Your hair transplantation will be performed with care and legal responsibility by our experienced team under the supervision of the physician, hospital and health personnel.

Warranty Certificate

Mega Hairtrans, which is the pioneer of hair transplantation in Turkey with 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and over 20,000 successful operations, gives a Warranty Certificate to its patients after each operation.

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